Guide to Avoid Foreclosure?

Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure

Avoid Foreclosure]

Related Information

 -   PD&R Foreclosure Kit
 -   Foreclosure process
 -   State laws on foreclosure
 -   Glossary of terms
 -   Common questions about foreclosure

Housing Discrimination and Foreclosure
Have you been discriminated against in either the lending or foreclosure process? You may file an online discrimination complaint

 -   In English
 -   In Spanish, or
 -   Toll-free housing discrimination hotline at (800) 669-9777.

Whether you’re in foreclosure now or worried
about it in the future, we have information that can help.


Get Help Now!

 -   Talk to a housing counselor
 -   Talk to your lender
 -   Find state and local foreclosure resources
 -   Contact HOPE NOW

Keep Your Home

 -   Are you at risk of foreclosure?
 -   Tips for avoiding foreclosure
 -   Foreclosure scams

Refinance Options

 -   Learn about FHA Secure
 -   Learn about HOPE for Homeowners
 -   Who to call when a lender won’t work with you

If You Can’t Keep Your Home

 -   Redemption period – your last chance to save your home
 -   Local renting resources
 -   Rental assistance
 -   Relocation resources
 -   U.S. Postal Service Movers Guide


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