List of Participating Lenders:

List of Lenders Who Are Participating in the HOPE for Homeowners (H4H) Program

The lenders listed below have indicated an interest in refinancing loans under the HOPE for Homeowners program.  When contacting any of the lenders listed below, you are strongly encouraged to contact your servicing lender and any subordinate lien holders since their participation is vital for you to refinance into a HOPE for Homeowners mortgage.  It is important to remember that the HOPE for Homeowners program is voluntary and your servicing lender may offer different solutions for avoiding foreclosure. 

When contacting any lender on this list, please use the contact information provided.  Do not give anyone money or pay any fees until you have spoken with your existing lender and know it is participating in the HOPE for Homeowners Program.

To view the list of lenders who are participating in the HOPE for Homeowners program click on the link below. Your browser will open a PDF document. 

 The H4H Lender List was updated on November 10, 2008. We will refresh the list on most Fridays.  



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