How Our Law Office Can Help Stop Foreclosure?

How Attorney at Law

Malik Ahmad

Can Help You?

Keep Your Home


We Prepare litigation that raises several arguments which include:
     1. Statutory defenses where appropriate, pertaining to the Notice of Default and Intent to foreclose, were they proper.
     2. We can attack the foreclosing parties as incorrect parties.

     3. Raising an argument where appropriate of Predatory Lending.
     4. Requesting to have your Note and Trust Deed reformed to the actual  current value of your home.
     5. We also make an argument that if your property has been sold at auction the sale should be set aside and you should be reinstated on title.
     6. We also prepare for your filing a Notice of Pendency of Action which when recorded with the County Recorder’s office will cloud the title thereby preventing your property from successfully being transferred during the litigation.


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