Watch California Loan Mod Fraud Again.

lllegal California Loan Modification Companies Attacking Nevada Again.

Not a day go by when I do not receive calls from some California company wanted to do business with me or having partnership with me to do loan modification. I have told them many times that such partnership is illegal and against the professional rules of conduct of State Bar of Nevada. Apparently, they don’t listen to that. Now, some of these companies are putting ad to hire attorneys and they would “train” themselves. This is funny, how someone can be trained by totally untrained and unscrupulous people. Remember, these are the companies who have approved loan for a dead person also. They are the master of this flawed invention called “No doc”, “Low Doc” collectively called Liars Loan.

These California companies are back on this fraud game again. They apparently think that people in Las Vegas, and in Nevada are gullible and would believe this fraud again. If Nevadans are losing their homes to foreclosures in drones, these scam artists from this “sister” state are responsible.

They never cared to verify the job, the income, the debt to income or loan ratio, or even length of job. The qualified everyone. They never even asked if some had declared bankruptcy. They did not ask any single question in good faith. Now, all these loans where they had deceived these people, they are back on this game to modify their loan.

These companies are committing a misdemeanor in Nevada by practicing law here without a license; they are illegally taking advance fee payments that “rescue” companies are not allowed to accept; they make false and exaggerated promises; and they are unlicensed and unregulated. These loan agencies are run by the same type of people, same old mortgage brokers, tired looking loan officers, and their henchmen, and some collusive brokers.

I have a strong belief that a loan mod should only be handled by a local licensed attorney who can review all of the relevant options and who can also assist with foreclosure defense and counterclaims.

Furthermore, they are doing business under the guise of providing loan audit, the so called fancy name of forensic loan audit. What exactly is a forensic loan audit? It is the finding of violations based on TILA and RESPA. Let us if they find some violations, who is going to file this law suit? Not these scam artists. They are not licensed to practice law in the great state of Nevada, and the attorneys working in California are not qualified either to file suit, unless they hire a local attorney. Folks please be prepared to face this onslaught and for your safety and the safety of your home, please ask them questions, and never let them continue your peace of mind.
Ask them few questions, and never be reluctant to ask them:

1. Be wary if they call around dinner time.
2. If you hear lots of noise in the background, it must be a boiler room with lots of caller calling all over USA.
3. If there a slight pause when you pick up the phone, and mostly the person mispronounces your name.
4. Ask them the first thing what is their phone number and the name of the caller. You would notice a reluctance in their demeanor. They would hesitate, and if they give out their name, they would only give a short version like Bill, Joe, Dina, etc.
5. They would interview you for few minutes, and would get straight to the most sensitive issues, like how much is your interest rate, how many months are you behind etc.
6. They would also show some compassion to you and use high tech words which you probably may not understand.

More tips later

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