Why a Loan Modification Attorney is Required?

Why an Attorney Must For Loan Modification?

We all know it is very time consuming to talk or even to find the right person for a request for loan modification. We are constantly transferred from one line to another and of course to various countries during few minutes. Well, my experience in contacting the lenders has resulted many times in many frustrating experiences as well. However, when I told them that I am an attorney some of the non sense is washed away very quickly. Phones messages starts returning, letters being replied and they cut short the delaying tactics which are meant for almost all of the borrowers. I meet clients all day in reference to their loan modification needs.

Here, is the summary of all the experiences what my clients had told me and my office staff in handling their own loan modification requests:

-We were transferred from one phone to another.
-We were transferred to a dead line.
-The average time of greetings last about 5 minutes, and each transferred calls is started again with greeting on the phone.
-You are advised to identify yourself each time.
-You are requested to send the same papers which you had faxed many times before.
-At each layer, the representative would ask you money.
-Each representative would give you same stale information, and invariably the first answer is “there is nothing we can do”.
Okay here is an experience of congresswoman ABC Nightline“>Maxine Waters.


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    • Well, truthfully there are too many scam artists working in and around Nevada. Everyday few of them are caught. Ask any one calling you in the evening just few questions. Name of the business, license number, name of the attorney, are they licensed to operate in Nevada? You would soon hear a long beep of phone hung up on you. I have done it myself few times, always the same result.

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