How to Use Loan Modification to Stop Foreclosure in Nevada?

How Loan Modification Can Be Used To Stop Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is on the rise in Nevada, and everyday scores of homes are foreclosed in Nevada through non-judicial foreclosure process. Remember, there are two kinds of foreclosure: Judicial and Non-judicial and Nevada is a non judicial foreclosure state. In this article, we like to discuss how to avoid an impending foreclosure by starting a loan modification request.

Rule No. 1: Open channels of communication with your bank. Call the Loss Mitigation, or Loan Modification number of your bank right away. Do not hesitate on this issue under any condition.

Rule No. 2: Find and give your financial information right away. Make sure you ask the bank if they have a package for financial information needed to be send to them. Download from their website and sent it to them on the given fax number. Make sure you get the right fax number from Loss Mitigation Department.

Rule No. 3. Tell your lender that you are a primary home owners and have no intention to let this property go to foreclosure.

Rule No. 4: Tell your lender that you have a great payment history.

Rule No. 5: Tell your lender your story, either on phone or via letter. Send a strong hardship letter to them.

Rule No. 6: Ask them again and again if they have received your documentation. If not, send them again.

Rule No. 6: No need to argue, or indulge in heated discussion. Talk on the same level as your representative. Most of these folks are hard working and eager to help. Their education level is slightly above the high school levels, and some of them have this job as the starter job in their career.

Rule No. 7: Do not lose temper under any condition.

Rule No. 8: Write a diary in a systematic way, and write down the name of the representative, name of the supervisors, and date and time.

Rule No. 9: It is hard for your lender to foreclose as well. They will lose half of the value of the home, and they are also trying their best to stop it.

Rule No. 10: Ask them again and again, if they want short sale if loan modification is not possible. A yes answer means more time, and meanwhile you can chalk out other strategy.

More Rules:

1. Make a diary of all the phone calls.

2. Write down the number and name of the person you spoke.

3. Make sure you ask them again, if they are from collection department. Basically, these collectors would give you the impression that they are from loan modification or workout department. They will waste your time by asking you idiotic questions which has no direct link with loss mitigation. At the end, they would try to collect money from you. Because they have no impact, on the overall scheme, and you probably have no money to pay them, so be polite and firm with them, and tell them if they can connect you to loss mitigation. Remember, again Countrywide, they have too many layers to trick you and too many phone number with recording devices.

4. This one bank, or servicer EMC. It is deceptive. Each time you call them, their recording device is full of none sense. Even the recording device tell you the waiting time is 9 minutes. If you call them in the middle of the night, the waiting time is still 9 minutes. Once I waited for about 25 minutes. This is the most crooked customer service. I wonder if someone would take notice of their deception.

5. Oh yeah, City–the mother of all deceptive trade practices. Citi had eaten up close to 70 billion dollar of bailout money, and has one of the horrible customer service. They once gave me a fax number which was busy, and I got at least 30 busy printout from my fax. They are hesitant to talk to attorneys for reasons well known to them. I wish and pray this bank is either nationalized or go bankrupt. I have no compassion for them and of course Countrywide.WaMU is still not a bad bank. Even though they were the most generous people in giving money to every undeserving person but at least their customer service is better than both City and Countrywide.

6. Lots of lenders has their website full of information, and there are some changes coming in their attitude. It is public pressure, and some Congress pressure collectively. Also, they have seen the writing on the wall. Basically, it is the crooked old leadership who was awash with bonuses and big paychecks, who was reluctant to bring any major changes. I say get rid of all these fossils of the past, and start with younger people in major decision making.

More later

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