More Foreclosure Coming?

New York Times has published an editorial highlighting the gloomy homeownership situation and with a prediction that more homes are going to foreclosure. This is unfortunate true in Nevada which is continuously on the top of the foreclosure statistics of all kinds, throughout USA. The Obama Plan is slow, has no teeth, and give no protection to homeowners. Only 625,000 or close to that loans have been modified, and that again is mostly trial loan modifications. Meanwhile banks are still reaping lots of profts as their Toxic waste has been shed away and they have taken fresh start with new books which of course present a very rosy picture. It is shameful that people are losing their homes in droves and there is no predictable solution. Banks have not learnt their lesson even though some improvement was done in their phones, customers services and some other fine tuning. But basically, they still have the old rotten mentality.

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