State Attorney Generals Are Planning to Sue Lenders

Enough is enough as lenders had their say and swayed of course in all loan modification programs and in preventing the foreclosures process. They have frustrated almost every program the government and the fed had announced. The latest of course was the Obama Plan, which was launched with great fanfare, and of course it had helped the deterioraing foreclosure situations little bit but not enough–it has not stopped tremendous homeowners and their foreclosures. Banks had frustrated all these efforts, and are determined to do their nitpicking on every small issues. We agree with the analysts that the Obama Plan had no teeth in it when it comes to enforcement. Also, the 31 percent limitation of loan modification is not rationale. Again, it had not addressed the principals reduction which is a core issue in this crisis and bring it to the latest market values. Lately, the state top prosecutors are agreeing to seek the judicial remedy again, and are thinking of taking the lenders back to the judicial process. In our view, they are late. A judicial remedy is best, and of course quite expensive for the lenders, who had lately again been giving the despicable bonuses to their executives for doing nothing. When are they going to learn a lesson in this regard. Please read the following links to a very important news item.

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