Should You Walk Away From Your Underwater Home?

I have dwelt on this topic in one of my previous column, but this topic keeps coming back as more and more people calling me and asking me this questions. However, my stand remains the same and again I am addressing this issue one more time. In fact, I had seen some unending debate on this topic, and even NY Times in its latest issues has dwelt on it. Basically, it depends on your standards of morality and accountability.

It is not my place to tell people to just leave their home and rent somewhere. It is akin to telling a soldier to surrender in the face of a tough fight. My suggestion is fight back, and it has always been that way. Why? Because this is your American dream? If you walk away, you are going to leave lots of body bags, and spoils of war for someone else to become rich. This home of yours has the pictures of your family, your loved one, and you had good memories. If you walk away, you are going to leave everything. When would you be able to buy another home? No one knows the answer.

You are sending a wrong message to your family and to your kids. Homeowners has responsibility to their family and to your neighbors as well. We see voluntary defaults and they are a new phenomenon. It was not too long ago, when Americans would do anything to pay their mortgage — forgo a new car or a vacation, even put a younger family member to work. But the housing collapse left 10.7 million families owing more than their homes are worth. It is widespread that most of the homeowners are making a calculated decision to hang on their money and let their homes go. Is this irresponsible?

Our neighborhoods are going to be depressed, “for sale” sign everywhere mushrooming, and U-Haul truck roaming in our neighborhood. The government has done lackluster job. The new kid on the block, i.e, the much coveted Treasury Secretary is a bogus leader in this economy. He should be shown the door by Obama. He is an abysmal failure. Touted as a wiz kid, he does not know much about economy. At the most he is a backroom bureaucrat. Let someone better come. The home market is getting depressed everyday. The lenders has still the filthy and flimsy excuses of not doing enough, and their lists of excuses is getting longer and longer. NY Times, as usual my favorite papers has written and dealt extensively on this topic.

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