Foreclosures Are Coming Down-Finally something better to read!

The good news is that foreclosure rate is coming down. It is happening all across USA. Nevada is a bit slow to catch up. However, things are improving in Nevada as well. Please read the following article.


  1. Foreclosures coming down? I don’t care for the few blips we see on a month to month basis – its fabricated, fraudulent. Home prices are being artificially supported, with and by the banks evoking their hokey moratoriums, playing out their phony trial loan modification workouts, etc.

    They have everyone on hold while they figure our how they can consummate their continued “mortgage fraud” scam on desperate homeowners until they can catch their proverbial breath, re-group and launch another merciless, illegal attack on the unsuspecting homeowners.

    Don’t be fooled, if you’re a homeowner start your defense now by taking the offensive – “produce the note – baby” and continue to move all the way through the process to have your property/deed re-conveyed in to your name! Homeowners all around the country are having great success in doing just this…

    Here is why you should start now, and here is a good place to start, there are another 7 million plus mortgages due to reset in the next 6 months, meaning a FLOOD OF NEW FORECLOSURES/ i.e., delinquent home mortgages coming down the road. What does that mean for us upside downers? We’re going to have a lot of company and the value of our homes are going to down, perhaps 1/2 of what it is worth today – ANOTHER 50% IN VALUE!

    If we don’t fight, we lose everything – even a place to sleep, eat, share family time, our solitude!

    • I agree with you. This window dressing done by banks along with the covet blessings of administration is a mockery of the people homes and savings. This is the proverbial pig with the lipstick who is mocking us for quite sometime now. They have given sham modifications, needlessly asking innumerable times documentations which has been sent to them many many times, and sooner they see a little bit of vacum, they did not hesitate on foreclosing homes. Shamefully, Wells Fargo and BAC are number one crook in this game of trickery. Their deception is unending. That man who is running the treasury secretary’s office is a geek and should have shown the door long time ago. Obama is busy with his heritage of Bush’s stupid war. Of course, they would drain the economy sooner than anyone can thing. The problem as we stated many times is a simple one. Everyone’s interest should be fixed at 3 percent and no documentation should be required. Government has wasted tones of money on bailout and on these idiotic unedning wars. As long as cowardice is shown on all these issues, the result would be horrifying. It is time everyone should challenge their home situations and tell the bank to face the music. I was reading today that New Yorker has told their bank to either modify their loan or they are withdrawing all their money lumpsum. I hope some collective action needed here. Of course some revolutionary tactics. Enough is enough here. We are long enough between the devil and the deep sea!.

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