How to bounce back after bankruptcy?

Can you bounce back after bankruptcy?
I have been asked many times what would be the life after bankruptcy and how the debtors can reestablish their credit again and acquire credit again. Of course, it would be difficult and time consuming, but it is not impossible. Soon after the discharge of bankruptcy, one start getting offers from credit card companies and a secured credit card is an ideal form for reestablishing credit. Actually, almost anyone can get credit soon after a bankruptcy. It’s just a matter of knowing how and what steps to take. Of course, bankruptcy deals a devastating blow to your credit and your credit score, the three-digit number lenders use to gauge your credit-worthiness. your FICO is at the bottom of scores, but you should not be discouraged by this devasating score. Of course, you can build it slowly and surely. But the effects don’t have to be lasting. Long before the bankruptcy drops off your credit report, you could be qualifying for loans with good rates and terms. I still consider FICO a fiction but it still runs your credit life, and all the lenders use this tool all the time. So, it is an important yardstick.

Nothing in credit remains forever. A bankruptcy legally can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, but its effect on your credit score can start to diminish the day your case is closed — if you adopt responsible credit habits such as paying your bills on time, using only a small portion of your available credit and not applying for too much credit at once. Well, to start, one must learn some lesson, some financial education after declaring bankruptcy and devise a saner financial course. The days of wasteful expenditure should be gone forever and one must always learn new tools, education, train, or get a professional training to acquire more money. Of course, if you become wealthier, it may solve lots of your financial problems.

You may live on cash for quite some time and paying by cash is a good habit, but still one has to use credit. Afterall, we live in a credit society and we have to travle, hire a cab or rent a car and buy grocery sometime on credit cards. You have to get and use credit to build your credit score. But if you want to rebuild your credit score, you can’t sit on the sidelines.

Did you ever try to make a budget? Of course a written budge, and not something on whims only. No technical knowledge is required. Simply write one page all sources of your income and on the next page write faithfully all of your expenditure, and see why there is so much widespread deficit in both. Why can’t you balance the budget and live a healthy life.
Of course it is time to clean up your credit report. You may find someone who can help you or you can write simple letters to all the credit bureaus. Possibly, your credit report may still show some of the delinquencies which ought to have been wiped out but still lingering there like a bad dream. Also, if you have other serious mistakes on your credit report, those need to be corrected as well. Your credit score is based on information in your credit report, so errors on your report can seriously dampen your score.

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