Unending Litigation Against Wells Fargo

As we stated that certain lenders are the laziest, most procastinator when it comes to loan modification. No matter what happens, they would never change themselves. Case in point is Bank of America. This bank has been sued left and right throughout USA, but still not changing and learning its lesson. Now, the latest news is that it would lay off some 40,000 people. Again, this top list includes Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and of course Chase bank. They would always find something to deny or delay your request for loan modification. Anyway, recently two lawsuits have been filed against Wells Fargo for discriminatory lending practices. One lawsuit is filed by the city of Memphis and Shelpy County, Tenn. Redlining is a term of the real estate when you steer certain minorities for improper lending based on the color of their skin and other social factors. Here, this lender has targeted individual property owners with specific lending practices increasing foreclosure and vacancies with specific results. The judge in this case had found a plausible link of deliberately steering African-American borrowers who qualified for prime mortgages into sub mortgages.

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