What is the new mortgage deal: Would you be affected?

Of course FIVE big banks finally reached a deal with government authorities last week. It is a good deal and we should move on. Let us not continue a wild goose chase and dream of unending help.

Who are these five big banks?

-Ally Financial
-Bank of America,
-JPMorgan Chase and
-Wells Fargo
How much they are willing to pay? Terms:
-a total of $5 billion in cash.
-They will also help homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages by reducing the principal on their loans by a combined $17 billion over the next three years.

How about refinancing?

Borrowers who qualify will get $3 billion in refinancing arrangements.

Improper foreclosure?

Those who were improperly foreclosed on will get a combined $1.5 billion. That probably nets out to less than $2,000 a person.


Of course, this would have a sizable impact. Afterall, bank were not the only one to be blamed. The homeowners should accept some responsibility (if not a lion’s share) and part of the blame as well. This would rejuvenate the economy. Let the complainants suffers and naysayers should see the light of the day. Pay your mortgages folks on time. Enough is enough, let the good time roll. Everyone is suffering because few of us are not paying their mortgages regardless of the low interest. Lots of us are savings these mortgage payments. The result most of us suffering who are current on their payments and on commitments. It is a contract. Because of many non payers, the economy cannot progress. Like Ross Perot used to say, “if you don’t like the heat in the kitchen, move out”. People who do not like to pay, they would object if this is zero percent interest. Most of them are looking for free money. Yes, it is true. Produce the note was nonsense which was spread by paralegals and crooks. Most of them are languishing in jails. Initially, there was some fiasco when banks were rapidly purchases and notes were not produced. Now, they have solved this ‘storage” problem. Banks have notes, and they can produce. Most of the notes and promissory notes have run out their statutory limitations. We should learn how to be responsible again and accept where the blame lies. The banks have done their job, it is the homeowners who needed to take their part of the responsibility and help improve the economy. Stay in your homes, pays the bills, cut the chase, and be a proud homeowners.

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