How does the debtor claims an exemption?

How does the Debtor claim an exemption?
Just because property attached is exempt, the Debtor must bring this to both the Creditor and Court’s attention. In order to claim exemption of any property levied on, the debtor must, within 10 days after the Notice of Execution is mailed, serve on the constable and plaintiff and file with the clerk a claim of exemption on a form provided by the clerk. NRS 21.112. The clerk will also provide a checklist and description of the most commonly claimed exemptions, instructions concerning the manner in which the property must be released if no objection is filed and an order to be used by the court to grant or deny an exemption. No fee may be charged for providing such a form or for filing the form with the court.
The claim of exemption is to be accompanied by all documents relied upon by the party claiming the exemption. JCRLV 27.

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