Law Office of Malik W. Ahmad

Malik W. Ahmad Esq. is a Nevada licensed attorney. Attorney Malik Ahmad is admitted to practice in all the courts in the state of Nevada. Attorney Ahmad is energetic, extremely focused in areas of civil, business litigation, labor and employment, workmen compensation, family laws and criminal defense.

Attorney Ahmad is a motivated speaker, self-starter who assisted in drafting policies, rules, and bylaws of various corporations and associations. He is an accomplished contributor, experienced in case management, factual investigation, case development/preparation, pre-litigation, case analysis, and other client advisory matters. He has been an Attorney for 15 years both overseas and in the United States.

Our Areas of Practice:
-Loan Modification;
-Stop Predatory Lending; including TILA, RESPA, HOEPA violations and litigation
-Bankruptcy Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13;
-Real Estate;
-Business Litigation;
-Civil Litigation;
-Personal Injury;
-Family Laws;
-Traffic Citations;
-Criminal Law, DUI;
-Workmen Compensation
-Bad Faith Insurance

-Member State Bar of Nevada
-Admitted Supreme Court of Nevada
-Member American Bar Association
-Member Nevada Justice Association
-Admitted United States District Court
-Real Estate Licensee State of Nevada
-Treasurer – Barrington/Monterossa Home Owners Association (elected, term expire 2009
-Secretary – Shadow Mountain Housing Association (elected, term expired 2009)
-Secretary South Bar Association (SABA)
-Secretary Loan Modification Association of Nevada (Association of Licensed Attorneys of Nevada)
-BA: (First Division) Major: Political Science: English Literature
-MA: (World History)
-LLB: Punjab University Law College (University Merit List
-Diploma Labor & Employment Laws (University Merit List)
-Attended courses, seminars both under UN and various legal association to improve knowledge of law and understanding the judicial systems of USA, England, France & Switzerland. Traveled widely in all the five continents.
-Speaks English, Urdu, Punjabi & Hindi. Have both written and reading knowledge of Arabic, Persian.
-2004-2005: Worked as real estate agent
-2001: Clerk, Justice Court, Las Vegas, Nevada
-2001-2004: Worked as Collection Supervisor
-1998-2000: Teacher, Clark County School District
-1988-1998: Private business owner/operator: Vice President Paktron Bells (privately owned; operated company): Pioneer in private telephone including cell phone industry
-1984-1988: Legal Instructor, Southwest College Los Angeles, California
-1984-86: Supervisor Legal Clinic, Southwest College, Los Angeles, CA
-1974-1979: Civil Service Officer

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  1. Subject: Unemployment insurance Benefits denied ( an Appeal).

    Hi, I was working in Monte Carlo casino (Nevada). And I quit my job on 08/02/08, giving two weeks notice , I moved to Memphis,Tennessee on 09/15/08,because I could not find a job in Las Vegas. I called unemployment services in Nevada to collect unemployment insurance on 10/21/08 ,they sent me a notice showing that they denied my benefits , I disagree with the decision, I filled an appeal . I am thinking that my employer provided them false information about my quiting and I think I have good reason to quit , like unsafe working conditions, they changed my job description without any notice. I am still waiting for the date and the time of the appeal . ….. I really don’t know what to do !!!!, do I have to hire an attorney !!!!!!!!!, please if you have any information or anybody can assist me in this matter so I get my benefits insurance , thank you very much. Here is my E-mail: .And my phone number is (901)385-6887….. Thanks again.

  2. I generate loan modification leads and connect loan mod companies with clients. The current company we work with charges us $475 per file I’m seeking an attorney that can beat those prices on the loan mods. We pay you directly and toss up to 100 loan mods on a weekly/monthly basis depending on our affiliates closing rates. If you can help our clients and can save us some we want to hear from you!

    Afaq Shah
    312-239-0057 Direct Office
    773-905-2789 Cell
    866-682-3874 Fax

  3. I have read your web site I would like to get with you on a loan mod for my home here in lasvegas please contact me I hope this is a good way to get ahold of you. Thank you, Doug

  4. Hello
    My name is Gwen I moved to nevada fromhawaii in January 2010. Rented a home in December 09.I rented thru a property manager only to find out that the townhouse we are renting is went into foreclosure in January 2010 only one month after we rented the property manager said that we cannot break our lease which expires in a year nor will we get our deposit back. This is totally making my health take a turn for the worst with all this stress need your comments he told me to continue to pay my rent and wait for cash for keys what is that. help
    Thank you

  5. Mr. Ahmad,

    We very recently went through a foreclosure. Our short sale realtor assured us that she could extend the Trustee Sale Date. Instead, the Trustee Sale proceeded on March 7, 2011. Today, March 10, 2011, we received a notice on our door stating that Freddie Mac now owns our home. Someone came today and changed the locks to our home as well. Does it sound to you as if the correct procedures were followed as far as the lock out? I thought we would receive some type of notice to vacate and then an official lock out by the constable would follow. Please advise. Thanks.

    • The trustee sale is not dependant upon the short sale application or its procedure. Generally, banks would tell you that they would stop the foreclosure until short sale takes place. But short sale is not something very fast, and the bank can lose their patience along with the mone. Again, there is no recourse if they back out from their promise because you have signed so many disclaimer. Unfortunately, it is bad for your credit as a short sale drerogatory remarks on your credit reports can easily be repaired compared to foreclosure which stays on your credit report fo 10 years. You said someone changed the lock? Did you gave up the possession already? You are entitled to judicial eviction which may take another 30 days or so. Also, you are entitled to cash for keys. You can only be evicted by judicial order via judicial eviction and in case of non-compliance enforced through constable.

  6. Hi, my house was illegally foreclosed while I was serving in the military overseas on a deployment. WF has recognized this and has reversed the foreclosure. Can you help or refer me to someone who can?

    • Of course, I can help. This is a clear cut violations of Servicemen Relief Act (“SCRA”). I have helped under this Act people who served in Afghanistan (for a garnishment of a student loan). I would not charge you iniitial consultation fee. Please bring your deployment letter. Contact Maggie in my office at 270-9100 and bring all your papers.

    • I replied to you but you never get back to me. You are covered under SCRA where the serving military’s home cannot be foreclosed. If it is true what you are alleging, you have a very meritorious case. If you are in Las Vegas, please come and meet me for a free consultation.

  7. Hi, I had a investment property foreclosed about 4 or 5 years ago in Nevada. The 2nd GMAC charged off the debt and sold it to Real Time Solutions. Now they keep calling me trying to collect. What can I do

    • Well, this is the last year of forgiveness under the Debt Forgiveness Act. Technically, they can come after you for another few years. However, a recent law passed in Nevada gave many HELOC loan only six months to pursue after the date of the default. You can also file bankruptcy if you qualify. Unless, I know your state of residence, I cannot give you any legal advise. But, if you live in Las Vegas, you can come and visit us by calling Maggie (my paralegal) at (702) 270-9100 for one hour of consultation for only $275.00 where I can do all the analysis, and answer all of your questions. One more thing, if they sold the debt to someone else, the second collection agency cannot collect more than what they paid for. Usually these debts are bought 10 cent on the dollar. I strongly suggest you should see a licensed attorney in this regard.

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