Submit Your Loan Package No Matter What

There is a New Supplemental Directive 10-02 which takes effect 6/1/10 states that if you submit a HAMP loan mod request at least 7 days before the foreclosure sale date, the loan servicer must suspend the sale to evaluate the papers. There are some exceptions to the suspension rule including failure to make trial mod payments after receiving a HAMP offer and borrowers already determined to be ineligible.

One should not delay submission of the package even for one day if the foreclosure date has been set. This law office is very efficient when it comes submission of any papers work, financial information and than we continue contacting the lender until a loan modification is done. This matter should not be procrastinated at all. Afterall, this is your home. Once, we submit the papers, the lenders become very cooperative in all matters.


  1. we have sent 2 deposits of 530.00 the first time and the 2 deposit was 500 for our $5000. loan we were told it would be in within 45 min and they were going to call me to let me know when are next payments will be and how much and both times still no responce everytime i call they tell me taht it will be in and to call back in 45 mins also they said they call this morning once our loan was in and still no responce

  2. western regional financial is the place we applyed and our loan is not in mr samule perkins and mr andrew cross and chrispoher holness are the reps we spoke to and where the money was sent to from us and are loan is still not direct deposited please can some one help us we also had to use are rent to send them this time we need some help before we get evicted due to this our loan not in thank you please call us regrading the matter 2264212067 carrie john prouse

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