Our Military Is Protected from Foreclosure under The Servicemen Act (SCRA)

We have been approached by few military families whose home were foreclosed while the owner were performing military services overseas. This is very painful, but unfortunately, it has been done and the homes were foreclosed in clear violation of the SCRA. In one case, our law office helped getting back garnished wages of a police officer back. Two mortgage servicing companies have agreed to settle federal complaints that they wrongfully foreclosed on the homes of at least 178 military service members and to set aside a minimum of $22 million to compensate those victims. This is a great victory for the Justice Department that various lenders had settled such cases. The lenders include, of course the notorious one i.e Countrywide Home Loan Servicing and Saxon Mortgage Services. These companies knowingly and repeatedly violated the Service members Civil Relief Act, a federal law that extends an array of financial and legal protections to military personnel. The former Countrywide unit agreed to pay $20 million to approximately 160 victims of illegal foreclosures from January 2006 to May 2009. It also agreed to reimburse victims of any other illegal military foreclosures found to have occurred from May 2009 to the end of last year.
NY Times has posted one such painful story of Sgt. James B. Hourley who was away on war duties in Iraq. In violation of a law intended to protect active military personnel from creditors, agents of Deutsche Bank foreclosed on his small Michigan house, forcing Sergeant Hurley’s wife, Brandie, and her two young children to move out and find shelter elsewhere.

“When the sergeant returned in December 2005, he drove past the densely wooded riverfront property outside Hartford, Mich. The peaceful little home was still there — winter birds still darted over the gazebo he had built near the water’s edge — but it almost certainly would never be his again. Less than two months before his return from the war, the bank’s agents sold the property to a buyer in Chicago for $76,000. Since then, Sergeant Hurley has been on an odyssey through the legal system, with little hope of a happy ending — indeed, the foreclosure that cost him his home may also cost him his marriage. ”Brandie took this very badly,” said Sergeant Hurley, 45, a plainspoken man who was disabled in Iraq and is now unemployed. ”We’re trying to piece it together.”

“In March 2009, a federal judge ruled that the bank’s foreclosure in 2004 violated federal law but the battle did not end there for Sergeant Hurley. Typically, banks respond quickly to public reports of errors affecting military families. But today, more than six years after the illegal foreclosure, Deutsche Bank Trust Company and its primary co-defendant, a Morgan Stanley subsidiary called Saxon Mortgage Services, are still in court disputing whether Sergeant Hurley is owed significant damages. Exhibits show that at least 100 other military mortgages are being serviced for Deutsche Bank, but it is not clear whether other service members have been affected by the policy that resulted in the Hurley foreclosure.”

In court papers, lawyers for Saxon and the bank assert the sergeant is entitled to recover no more than the fair market value of his lost home. His lawyers argue that the defendants should pay much more than that — including an award of punitive damages to deter big lenders from future violations of the law. The law is called the Service members Civil Relief Act, and it protects service members on active duty from many of the legal consequences of their forced absence.

We suggest as a foreclosure defense attorney, and working in this field for long time, we encourage any military family (living in Nevada) to ask our free legal help in this regard. We would not charge any money upfront from any such familiy AND EVEN ADVANCE COURT COST, if they have meritorious case while their loved one were performing military services overseas. Call us at (702) 270-9100 and even get a free consultation over the phone.

Can the economy revive without help to homeowners?

The homeowners are bleeding for long time and the scant help has given them no respite. The statistics are increasing and still Las Vegas is number one in foreclosure sale. None of the higher constitutional authorities had done any thorough probe in this matter. We hear lots of news but no solution so far. Only half-hearted measures had been taken and none of that has produced any tangible result to correct the rampant situation. Now, we have another fiasco and that is that the Standard and Poor’s has purposely overrated the toxic mortgage rating/securities before this financial fiasco erupted with full force. Yes, the same S&P which has decreased the rating on USA which resulted and still bleeding our markets by a descent of 1500 points so far.

We rather not say much about Congress as much has been said in the media. As usual we have assembly of incompetent, nincompoop, and do nothing people who like to come to the house, fight and then go to long vacation. As we know,tens of millions of Americans are continuously being crushed by this mortgage crisis. See for example, the stock of Bank of American. They had taken a big hit–some 10 billion loss only this years, and there stock price has been reduced to half the size. Yet, when it comes to loan modification, they resisted every request for loan modification. At least the homeowners were reaffirming the original debt. But BAC rather let it go to short sale for one third of the original loan, then give a reduced payments to the genuine, and hardprssed homeowners. We tried, we called several times, sent innumerable paperwork, and yet same annoying people gave us the same annoying news.

Obama administration has no mechanism to enforce, no accountability other than advice to bank to “do their best”. There were two other crook organization who thanks got are bankruptcy now i.e Freedie Mae and Fannie Mae. Banks took advantage of their idiocy and incompetence and made millions dumping bad securities upon them. Of course, there is no let up in sight. We have left with one thing, and that is reducing principle once for all. The reckless borrowers are no more on the horizons. Thus, this is good time to reward genuine homeowners. Also, we suggest to let the bankruptcy courts do the loan modification. Somehow they are already involved via chapter 13 this time.

Homeowners Needs Help–The Economy is Not Reviving


Nevada Mediation Rules Changed

The Supreme Court of Nevada has changed rules effective March 1, 2011.
Here is the set of new and amended rules.


How to bounce back after bankruptcy?

Can you bounce back after bankruptcy?
I have been asked many times what would be the life after bankruptcy and how the debtors can reestablish their credit again and acquire credit again. Of course, it would be difficult and time consuming, but it is not impossible. Soon after the discharge of bankruptcy, one start getting offers from credit card companies and a secured credit card is an ideal form for reestablishing credit. Actually, almost anyone can get credit soon after a bankruptcy. It’s just a matter of knowing how and what steps to take. Of course, bankruptcy deals a devastating blow to your credit and your credit score, the three-digit number lenders use to gauge your credit-worthiness. your FICO is at the bottom of scores, but you should not be discouraged by this devasating score. Of course, you can build it slowly and surely. But the effects don’t have to be lasting. Long before the bankruptcy drops off your credit report, you could be qualifying for loans with good rates and terms. I still consider FICO a fiction but it still runs your credit life, and all the lenders use this tool all the time. So, it is an important yardstick.

Nothing in credit remains forever. A bankruptcy legally can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, but its effect on your credit score can start to diminish the day your case is closed — if you adopt responsible credit habits such as paying your bills on time, using only a small portion of your available credit and not applying for too much credit at once. Well, to start, one must learn some lesson, some financial education after declaring bankruptcy and devise a saner financial course. The days of wasteful expenditure should be gone forever and one must always learn new tools, education, train, or get a professional training to acquire more money. Of course, if you become wealthier, it may solve lots of your financial problems.

You may live on cash for quite some time and paying by cash is a good habit, but still one has to use credit. Afterall, we live in a credit society and we have to travle, hire a cab or rent a car and buy grocery sometime on credit cards. You have to get and use credit to build your credit score. But if you want to rebuild your credit score, you can’t sit on the sidelines.

Did you ever try to make a budget? Of course a written budge, and not something on whims only. No technical knowledge is required. Simply write one page all sources of your income and on the next page write faithfully all of your expenditure, and see why there is so much widespread deficit in both. Why can’t you balance the budget and live a healthy life.
Of course it is time to clean up your credit report. You may find someone who can help you or you can write simple letters to all the credit bureaus. Possibly, your credit report may still show some of the delinquencies which ought to have been wiped out but still lingering there like a bad dream. Also, if you have other serious mistakes on your credit report, those need to be corrected as well. Your credit score is based on information in your credit report, so errors on your report can seriously dampen your score.

Nevada Scam Loan Modification Agencies Fined by MLD

The Division of Mortgage Lending continues to diligently enforce mortgage lending laws by disciplining 10 entities for various violations of those laws.

* The Division fined now former mortgage agent Charmaine A. Hicks $2,500 plus administrative costs for failing to cooperate in a Division investigation.

* Henderson-based mortgage broker Evofi One was fined for sharing office space with unaffiliated businesses. The Division issued a fine of $5,000, plus administrative costs.

* Las Vegas-based The Sussex Group, an escrow agency, and its sole shareholder, Barry L. Fulco, were ordered to Cease & Desist operations after the Division discovered that the physical location listed on the application did not match the location provided to clients, after the business vacated a location without disclosing it to the Division, and after the Division was unable to subsequently find a permanent office location for the business. The Sussex Group was ordered to provide a full accounting of all transactions and moneys held in trust and was issued a $30,000 fine, plus administrative costs.

* Las Vegas-based mortgage broker Pinnacle Lending Group has entered into a Stipulated Settlement Agreement with the Division because the company improperly compensated its mortgage agents. This activity resulted in a fine of $10,000 (a portion of which was suspended) and administrative costs.

* Pea Management Group, Inc., dba Escrow Unlimited, entered into a Stipulated Settlement Agreement with the Division because the company did not maintain complete and suitable transaction records. Pea Management has been fined $3,500. The company has corrected the records deficiencies and has also agreed to increase its surety bond.

* The Division has fined Home Plus Financial, Inc., formerly licensed as a mortgage banker, a total of $5,000: $2,500 for failing to submit financial information and $2,500 failing to permit an examination.

* Cedar Mortgage Company, Inc., dba Cedar Mortgage, based in Fallon, Nevada, has entered into a Stipulated Settlement Agreement with the Division. Cedar Mortgage providedmortgage broker services out of an licensed California office. The company agreed to pay a fine of $2,500 and surrender its mortgage broker license.

* The Division has revoked Las Vegas-based OneCap Mortgage Corporation’s mortgage broker’s license because of its failure to abide by the terms of a previous settlement agreement.

* The Division has issued a Cease & Desist Order to Las Vegas-based Homekeepers RSVP, formerly dba Homekeepers, LLC, for performing unlicensed loan modification services. The company is prohibited from advertising for and/or soliciting foreclosure or loan modification consulting business and cannot provide these services to Nevada consumers. The company has also been fined $20,000 and must pay the Division’s investigative costs.

* After investigating numerous complaints, the Division has issued a Cease & Desist Order to Las Vegas Paralegal Services and Maria D. Davila for providing foreclosure and loan modification consulting services without a license from the Division. Ms. Davila and Las Vegas Paralegal Services are prohibited from advertising for and/or soliciting foreclosure or loan modification consulting business and cannot provide these services to Nevada consumers. They have each been fined $10,000 and are required to pay the Division’s investigative costs as well as any attorney’s fees the Division may incur.

“Today’s announcement once again highlights our continuing commitment to protecting Nevada consumers,” said Mortgage Lending Commissioner Joe Waltuch. “Those allowing or participating in inappropriate mortgage-related activity will be held accountable.”

For more information about the Division of Mortgage Lending, visit http://mld.nv.gov/index.htm

How to prepare financial information before you talk to your lender?


Employment $ $ $ $
Overtime ______________________________________________________
Child Support/Alimony ___________________________________________
Pension _______________________________________________________
Interest _______________________________________________________
Public Benefits _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Trust Payments ________________________________________________
Royalties ______________________________________________________
Rents Received _________________________________________________
Other (List) ____________________________________________________




Payroll Deductions $ $ $ $
Income Tax Withheld ____________________________________
Social Security _________________________________________
Wage Garnishments ____________________________________ Credit Union _______________________________________
Other ________________________________________________
Home Related Expenses
Mortgage or Rent ______________________________________
Second Mortgage ______________________________________
Third Mortgage ________________________________________
Real Estate Taxes ______________________________________
Insurance _____________________________________________
Condo Fees & Assessments ______________________________
Mobile Home Lot Rent ___________________________________
Home Maintenance/ Upkeep ______________________________
Utilities _______________________________________________
Gas __________________________________________________
Electric ___________________
Oil _______________________
Water/Sewer ____________________
Land Line _______________________
Cell ____________________________
Cable TV ________________________
Other __________________________
Eating Out ______________________
Groceries _______________________
Clothing ________________________________
Laundry and Cleaning _____________________
Medical ________________________________
Current Needs _______________________
Prescriptions _______________________
Dental _______________________
Insurance Co-Payments or Premiums
Other _________________________________
Transportation _________________________
Auto Payments ________________________
Car Insurance ________________________
Gas and Maintenance _________________________
Public Transportation _______________________
Life Insurance _________________________
Alimony or Support Paid _________________________
School Expenses _________________________
Student Loan Payments _________________________
Entertainment _________________________
Newspapers/Magazines _________________________
Charity/Church _________________________
Pet Expenses _________________________
Amounts Owed on Debts _________________________
Credit Card__________________________________
Credit Card
Credit Card
Medical Bill
Medical Bill
Other Back Bills (List)
Cosigned Debts
Business Debts (List)
Other Expenses (List)
TOTAL _______________________________________________________

Other Important Debt Issues:

Wage Garnishments Yes______ No______
Pending Court Cases Yes______ No______
Pending Utility Shut-offs Yes _____ No _____
Car Loan Defaults or Repossessions Tax Debts Yes ____ No____
Student Loan Debts Yes_____ No_____

Notes/Anticipated Changes:
Describe Assets and Other Resources:

Savings Yes______ No______ Amount $__________________

Court Cases Pending Against Others Yes______ No__________
Value $______________

Anticipated Tax Refunds Yes______ No____________
Amount $______________

Assets Which Can Be Sold Yes ______ No______ Value $______________

Pension or Retirement Funds Yes______ No______ Value $______________

Other Assets and Notes:


Last Mo. Actual This Mo. Expected This Mo. Actual Adjusted Expected
A. Total Projected Monthly Income
B. Total Projected Monthly Expenses
Excess Income or Shortfall (A minus B)



1. Have you made an effort to arrange a workout on their own? What result?

2. Have you filed bankruptcy? If so when? Current status of case if still pending? If bankruptcy is over, what result?

3. Other issues which came up during this time.

4. Questions and open issues that must be resolved